Development of the Pack
Acknowledgements & Thanks
Aims of the Project
The Scottish Churches' China Group (SCCG)
A Curriculum for Excellence
Project Lesson Plans

1. Introducing China
2. Development in China
3. Working in China
4. Introducing the Children
5. Lifestyles
6. Faiths and Beliefs
7. Living in China
8. Extension - The SCCG

Additional Learning and Teaching Notes
Reproducible Resources

1. Map of China: click to view sample
2. China Time Line Cards: click to view sample
3. Western Time Line Cards: click to view sample
4. Aid Agency & Conservation Task Cards
5. Drawings of the Children
6. Email
7. My Personal Diary Worksheet
8. Religious Education Information + Task Cards
9. Enterprise Briefs
10. Amity Interviews

Additional Resources

1. Photo Pack
2. Useful Contacts
3. Bibliography
4. DVD
5. Map of China
6. SCCG Poster

Exploring China
the pack

The Scottish Churches' China Group cooperates with the efforts of various organisations in China to improve the development and harmony of its needy citizens, and to help those serving others there.

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