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The Education Pack

to schools and others who purchased the Education Pack - an extra copy free, except for a postage charge of £7. A first copy is available at the greatly reduced cost of £20, inclusive of postage. The pack is a useful resource for the study of China and its life and culture.

Alison is a Speech and Language Therapist from Scotland, who has worked with the staff of the Amity Children's Development Centre in Nanjing, who need her specialism in helping these children who are on the autistic spectrum.
She helped people in China!
The Management Committee meets about every seven weeks. We do need a volunteer secretary. Others who help us have a variety of skills, but all have or are developing an interest in China, particularly helping in areas where we have capabilities and interests to match their needs.

The Scottish Churches' China Group cooperates with the efforts of various organisations in China to improve the development and harmony of its needy citizens, and to help those serving others there.

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