Health Care training & support

Staff Capacity Training

  • Ms Yang Yan, Vice Director of Nursing, Shengjing Hospital, visiting Scotland

    Nurses are central to any medical services so any development in their skills and roles will have anoverall beneficial effect. As one of the biggest hospitals in Shenyang, a city with a population of seven million people, Shengjing Hospital is continually seeking to improve the services it offers. Through exchange visits and formal study, the Scottish Churches’ China Group is working with hospital executives to advance the status of nursing in north east China.

  • Leg exercises for a stroke patient

    Rehabilitation is not a known medical speciality in China. As of May 2016, however, a state of the art Rehabilitation Centre has opened in the Shenbei Campus, in the suburbs of Shenyang. Previously, theScottish Churches’ China Group has placed Shengjing Hospital staff wanting to train in rehabilitation in the Queen Elizabeth National Spinal Cord Injury Unit, Glasgow and with community rehabilitation teams in Forth Valley NHS. New placements are now being sought for further training.

  • Developing intern opportunities, with our Chinese partners, for Scottish post-graduates is a vital on-going project. Do you have a postgraduate degree in business management; early years learning for children with special needs; elderly care? What does a three-month internship in China sound like to you? For more information, please contact Patricia Johnston via our contacts page.
  • Early intervention for autistic children is vital. Sadly, services in China for pre-school children with autism are not well developed. New Struan School, Alloa has been leading the way in the delivery of specialist education for children and young people with autism for over 35 years. In partnership with New Struan School, the Scottish Churches’ China Group has facilitated staff exchange visits that have enabled Chinese staff to receive training both in Nanjing at theAmity Children’s Development Centre, and in Scotland.
  • We have provided support to the Amity Home of Blessings,a small unit for young adults with learning difficulties, for many years as it seeks to develop life skills training programmes for its clients. Currently we are contributing towards the salary of the Home’s Social Worker.
  • We are facilitating professional coaching from Scottish experts for senior Amity Foundation staff.

Care of the Elderly

  • The Amity Foundation Social Service Division, based in Nanjing, are opening day care services for the elderly. To assist with the planned activities a team of volunteers will be recruited. In order to be effective the volunteers need to be well recruited, selected and trained. The Scottish Churches’ China Group has sent an experienced Volunteer Manager to Nanjing to assist Amity staff in developing their own volunteer strategy.

Palliative Care

  • End of life carers meet up

    There is an increasing awareness, within parts of China, of the importance of helping patients and families to experience a good death following a terminal diagnosis. At the moment palliative and end of life care are not known specialities in China and many services are very basic or non existent. We have, for a number of years, brought staff over from Shengjing Hospital, Shenyang to undertake observational placements/visits to palliative and end of life facilities in Scotland.

Spiritual Care

  • An integral part of palliative and end of life care is spiritual care. Since 2010/11 the Scottish Churches China Group has brought nursing/ medical staff to Scotland to undertake training in delivering Spiritual Care in a palliative/end of life setting. We also sent a Chaplain from Scotland to spend time in the Palliative Care Ward providing foundational training in spiritual care.
  • The Liaoning Diocese Caritas Centre in Shenyang, has been closely involved in all of the Spiritual Care training and has a close working relationship with the Palliative Care staff of Shengjing Hospital.