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Shengjing Hospital
Dr. Dugald Christie (1855-1936), a Scottish medical missionary,
founded Shengjingshi Hospital in 1883. A graduate of the Medical
Missionary Hospital in Edinburgh, Dr Christie was sent to Manchuria by the United Presbyterian Church of Scotland. Shengjingshi Hospital was the first hospital of western medicine in Northeast of China.

From the Hospital work came Mukden Medical College which was established in 1912. It became the first medical college and the highest institution for medical education in the three North Eastern provinces. In 1949, the Hospital linked with China Medical University and became known as the Second Affiliated Hospital of China Medical University. In 2002, the Hospital took over the Third Affiliated Hospital of China Medical University, which led to the formation of the Huaxiang Campus. In 2003, on its 120th anniversary, the Hospital restored its name to Shengjing Hospital.

In May 2016 the Shenbei campus was opened. Its main focus is rehabilitation.

The SCCG’s links with Shengjing Hospital go back many decades via the late Dr Mary Finlay and the late Dr Jean Doyle. Both these ladies were born in Shenyang when their parents were working at the hospital or college. The SCCG is very proud of the historical nature of its partnership with Shengjing Hospital.

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Liaoning Diocese Caritas Centre
The Catholic Social Service Centre of Liaoning Diocese was established in April 2004 in Shenyang. Its purpose is to serve the wider society, particularly when a community is facing specific issues, for example HIV and AIDS. “Practicing Charity, Witnessing the faith; Serving the society, Instilling hope” is their Mission Statement.

Working with disadvantaged young people has been a long term focus for the Centre.

The SCCG has worked with the Social Service Centre for more than 15 years.

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Shandong Christian Council and Shandong Theological Seminary
Shandong Christian Council and Seminary are based in Jinan, the capital of Shandong Province.

Shandong Christian Council, working in conjunction with the Three Self Patriotic Movement, oversees the work and ministry of the Protestant Church in Shandong Province. There are 4,000 congregations in the Province and 100,000 Christians in Jinan. Some parts of the Province are very poor and the local churches in these areas have very limited resources.

The Seminary was founded in 1987 and upgraded in 2011 from a 2 year to a 4 year undergraduate programme. They currently have 130 undergraduates, 70 students undergoing 1 year volunteer training (they may later be ordained as Elders) and 40 students in the 1 year Church music programme. Training is Biblically based and is a balance between the academic and personal spiritual development. Students get up at 5.30am for personal devotions. In addition there are morning and evening prayers and a prayer and praise meeting on a Sunday evening. The campus Church is open to local Christians to attend Sunday worship.

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Generation UK: China Network
The Generation UK: China Network is an initiative of the Generation UK – China campaign. Over the years many young people from the UK have spent time in China, gaining invaluable experience however there has always been the question of how to maintain that engagement with/interest in China upon their return home.

Managed by the British Council, the Generation UK: China Network hopes to address some of these issues by creating a network of UK nationals with experience in China. Members of the network will come from across different industries, professions and age groups. From this network there will be the opportunity for individuals to come together to develop entrepreneurial, business and academic connections related to China

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The Amity Foundation
The Amity Foundation is a Chinese Christian initiated NGO that was set up in 1985. Initially it worked on health, education, social welfare
and rural development projects with local Chinese partners, supported by overseas churches and mission agencies. Today, in addition to its core fields of work, Amity is involved areas such as in disaster relief work, advocacy, environmental protection, HIV prevention and NGO development.

The SCCG has worked with The Amity Foundation since 1986, initially through participation in the British and Irish Amity Teachers’ Group (BIATG). As part of BIATG the SCCG helped to recruit, select, train and support Christian teachers of English who worked in Chinese universities and colleges. These placements were facilitated through The Amity Foundation.

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China Christian Council
The ‘head office’ of the China Christian Council (CCC) is in Jiujiang Rd, Shanghai. The CCC works to provide:
– theological education, through national and provincial seminaries and Bible schools.
– the publication of Bibles, through The Amity Printing Press, hymnals, and other religious literature.
– the exchange of information among local churches in evangelism, pastoral work and administration .
– developing positive relations with churches overseas.

The CCC Social Service Division works with local congregations to address some of the social issues facing Chinese society e.g. care of the elderly facilities, church based clinics, services for children with autism.

Together with the Three-Self Patriotic Movement (TSPM) and the CCC are known as the lianghui (两会), or “two organisations.”

Through the CCC, the registered Protestant Church participates in the World Council of Churches.

CCC&TSPM office on Jiujiang Road, Shanghai.

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Ren De Foundation
Shanghai Rende Foundation was initiated by The Amity Foundation. It aims to support and develop non-governmental public services and promote philanthropic innovation. It is the second grant-making foundation initiated by a non-governmental organisation in Shanghai.

Ren De Foundation set up the first domestic Foundation Service Park (The Park). It is located at Shanghai Pudong New Area and works to develop and promote the establishment of new foundations.

The Park is a training base offering foundations administrative support, counselling, capacity building and information sharing. Working with local government, businesses and social organisations, the Park aims to build a network that will gather and share resources as well as promoting cooperation between a wide range of sectors and stakeholders.

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Hong Kong

The Amity Foundation Hong Kong Office
Amity Foundation Hong Kong is the liaison and publicity office of The
Amity Foundation ( The Amity Foundation was created in 1985 on the initiative of Chinese Christians to promote education, social services, health and rural development in China. Core functions of the Hong Kong office include communications, public education, fundraising and donor services.

Amity Foundation Hong Kong also runs a number of educational programmes involving Hong Kong students. Working with Mainland students they act as volunteers at summer camps for orphans and offer practical help on rural projects.

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New Struan School, Alloa
New Struan School is an independent residential and day school for
young people with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). It provides the best possible education for all its students. It also continues to lead the way in terms of its approach and understanding of how young people with autism learn and develop.

New Struan School is situated in the town of Alloa, in the central belt of Scotland. For over 35 years it has delivered a first class education for its students and built up a reputation for excellence.

The Principal, Mrs Jasmine Miller, and Deputy Head Teacher, Mrs Lucy Chetty, have both been expert speakers at an international conference, in Nanjing, on autism. These conferences have been organised by the Amity Foundation Social Service Division. Staff from the Amity Foundation Children’s Development Centre have also undertaken placements in New Struan School.

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