The Scottish Churches China Group has both historical partners that it has proudly inherited and several more recently-established partners.

AmityLogoThe Amity Foundation, Nanjing
The Amity Foundation is an independent Chinese social development organisation created in 1985, on the initiative of Chinese Christians, to promote education, social service, health, community development and civil society building from China’s coastal provinces in the east to the minority areas of the west. Click here for more information about our work with Amity.

Generation UK: China Network, British Council, Beijing
This partnership focusses on developing intern opportunities for Scottish post-grads with our Chinese partners. It also works to link organisations/agencies working in China.

Rende Foundation in Shanghai is a new partnership which will focus on staff capacity building for staff involved in the care of the elderly.

Shanghai Diocese is a long-term partnership which is now seeking to focus on staff capacity building for staff working with the elderly and people with learning difficulties.

Shengjing Hospital
In 1863 Dr Dugald Christie, a Scottish medical missionary, founded a hospital in Shengjing. The link with Scotland has remained almost unbroken since that time. Projects with Shengjing Hospital currently supported by the Scottish Churches China Group are based in a number of locations in the city. Click here for more information.